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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Revive the cells inside

(5) Do you know who are our Presidents till date, No? then just come & learn them all in just 5 minutes, try this amazing thing now

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If you are done with above game then watch this video

(1) Play with letters (New)
Do you have good command over alphabets? You must be thinking how foolish question is this, yes but if you think that you have it, then try here

Meet our Junior Einstein, Akshita Gupta, You will jump on your seats to know that at the age of 6 years, when she is in 2nd std; has learnt 50 elements orderwise from the periodic table. You can ask elements randomly too, which prooves that it is not cramming but it is Magic of Magicalmind. Check out the magic by yourself watch the video....


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