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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are you a colourblind?

(1) How much can you contain in your brain???? (New New New)
This is an initiative to test how your brain can contain. Just appear the test & find out by the instant result of your performance NOW...

(2) Which color is this????

Are you a colorblind? Are you sure then try this.
Quick! say aloud what color you see in every word, NOT the word you read in, complete this in 10 seconds.You can try unlimited times unless you get perfection.
Expla­na­tion: The Stroop test is used in neu­ropsy­cho­log­i­cal eval­u­a­tions to mea­sure men­tal vital­ity and flex­i­bil­ity, since per­form­ing well requires strong atten­tion and self-regulation capability

(2A) Yes you are colorblind :) Do you denie then check this out
If you really think that you have mastered this challenge then face it again (Click here now)

(3) Catch me if you can (New)

Quick! Count the num­ber of times that the let­ter F appears in the fol­low­ing sen­tence in just ten seconds: “Fin­ished files are the result of years of sci­en­tific study com­bined with the expe­ri­ence of years"

How many F's did you count? Three? Wrong, there are six! It's no joke! Read again:
Almost everyone guesses three. Why? It seems that the brain cannot correctly process the word "OF". The letter F usually makes the "f" sound, like in "fox". However, in the word "of", it makes a "v" sound. Somehow, your brain overlooks the word "of" as it scans for the sound of "f".

(4) Pattern's pattern (New)
A mathematical pattern is waiting for you to recognize the specialty of its pattern, Let see how intelligent you are to find this out??

(5) Eye illusions (New)
These eye illusions may blow your mind

(6) Relations (New)
By Caroline Latham
Exer­cise mul­ti­ple areas of your brain by try­ing to answer this riddle:
A blind beg­gar had a brother who died. What rela­tion was
the blind beg­gar to the brother who died?
“Brother” is not the answer.
Now, your brain’s turn. What is the answer?
tick tick tick tick…
still work­ing on it? …

Expla­na­tion (answer at bot­tom):
This puz­zle is very sim­ply stated and yet stumps those who have not heard it before, because the lis­tener tends to make an implicit assump­tion about gen­der — in this case that a blind beg­gar is a man, but actually the beggar is a girl, Ans is sister.

(7) 3D Paintings (New)
You are requested to rub your eyes properly before clicking on this link....

(8) Paheli (New)
Here’s a fun puz­zle to shake all your cells in brain …
How do you cut a cake into eight equal pieces with only three cuts?
Answer: Use two cuts to cut the cake into four equal pieces. Use your third cut to cut the four pieces in half hor­i­zon­tally (per­pen­dic­u­lar to the first two cuts).

(9) Find the suspect (New) 
 Test your concentration and find the suspect face...

(10) Who am I ????? (New) 
A new experiment to find out how well you are to remember faces. Just go ahead now to check the perfection of your brain...

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