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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Come & learn all our presidents in just 5 minutes

See how does it work
Presidents of India
(1). Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(2). Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
(3). Dr. Zakir hussain
(4). V.V. Giri
(5). Justice M. Hidayatullah
(6). V.V. Giri
(7). F. Ali Ahmed
(8). B.D. Jatti
(9). N. Sanjaiva Reddy
(10). Gaini Hain Singh
(11). R. Venkataraman
(12). Dr. S.D. Sharma
(13). K.R. Narayanan
(14). Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(15). Mrs. Pratibha Patil

Great Raja Indra is offering Prasad during the worship of large idols of Radha and Krishna . Beside him famous musician Zakir hussain is playing table and singing bhajnas to make god happy. There is a heap of giri(almonds).A judge with tula (balance)is sitting on it, falls from this giri heap on great Khali, the famous wrestler, waiting for someone there and he gets wounded, you applies Patti on his wound, On this Mr. Sanjiv Kumar (Thakur) becomes red in anger and punishes the culprit with his legs. For illegal offence he is send to jail and being tortured with seengs (thorns) there. Out side jail a van carrying cat and Raven being driven rashly hits an barma and water starts coming out in the form of big showers. Lord Narad is amazed and disappoint seeing the loss of water and starts chanting “Narayan Narayan” Suddenly Mr. Abdul Kalam (Scientist) comes with his new invention, which recollects each and every drop and restore it back into the earth. On this President Pratibha Patil rewards him with a big Car.

Now correlate the underlined words with list of Presidents name respectively...

So you have learned presidents of india in just few minutes...
but its just a trailor.. picture abi baki hai mere dost...
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