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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Have members of the audience call out the names of about ten famous people, living or dead. You write down each name on a separate card. The cards are then well mixed and you make a prediction on a slate. A spectator selects one of the cards. He reads his selection aloud and the name you wrote on the slate is the same as the name read.

You will need ten small cards or a small pad of paper to write the names on, a slate, and a hat.

With everything at hand, ask someone to call out the name of a famous person. Write this down on one of the cards and drop it into the hat. Ask for another name. This time do not write the name that is called, but write the first name that was called. Now both cards in the hat have the same name written on them. As different names are called you continue writing the original name on each card until you have about ten cards in the hat, all with the same name on them. Now write this name on the slate so that the audience does not see it.

Place the slate where it can be seen, but with the writing away from the audience. Invite a spectator to assist you. Shake the hat to mix the cards. Ask the spectator to reach into the hat and select one of the slips, and read the name written on it, aloud. After he does this, turn the slate around to show that the name selected was the same as the one that you predicted on the slate. Be sure and destroy the slips after your performance, so that no one may see them.

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